Nio Garcia and Casper Magico have released their debut album “Now or Never” alongside Flow La Movie, and as we say en español “Tienen la calle prendida”.  This may be the hottest album release of the summer, the love from the fans the album is receiving on streaming platforms, and YouTube is immense. Several of the new songs are in the Millions of Views with just a week of it’s release.

So here are five tracks you need to add to your playlist to spice up your weekend at Club quarantine.

Let’s get right to the Perreo, this song is explosive.  “LA GANGSTER”  a must at Club Quarantine. 

Because we all love Reggaeton Romantico  “NENA BUENA” with Ra -Rauw Alejandro

This raunchy Reggaeton will fire up the mood. “Farandula” with Jowell y Randy 

El Dembow drops hard in this sweet and  seductive flow.   “IMAGINANDOTE”

An explosive song for your EX  “NO SE TE DIO” with Arcangel and De La Guetto

We can’t stop saying “Arrebatado dando vuelta en la Jeepeta” “LA JEEPETA REMIX”.  Someone tell Flow La Movie, we’re waiting for the official video.

Check out the rest of the Album on your favorite music platform.