Q & A with Bernier on New Release “TRATEMOS”

Miami, Florida | February 1st, 2023, | Less than a week after it’s debut release, “Tratemos” has soared to greater heights for it’s exposure to the world, hitting more than five-hundred and twenty thousand views for their music video on Youtube. Bringing more focus on this collaboration, Bernier invites us into to his perspective on this latest hit and giving us some treats along the way.

Bernier shares exclusive take on his latest single “Tratemos” and goes into depth about the writing for it. Talking on this new collaboration, Bernier shares each of his favorite parts on this track, first highlighting Alejo’s verse, which reads; “Niña de papel, tú eres fácil de romper, Te vo’ hacer volar, ese es mi superpoder, La mano va pa’l pecho, Tus gemidos son himnos, por eso es que te lo voy a poner”.

Adding to other favorite parts of the track, Bernier focuses on his verse which reads, “Porque este junte la cama lo pide
Tú decides, Que pasa si en el procеso, Mi cora y el tuyo coinciden, Tratemo’ o si no la vida siguе”.

Finishing on the point of questioning the thought of ‘one more night with his ex’, he adamantly responds with what you might find to be the theme of this hit new single “Tratemos”.

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