Gonza Ignites Urban Rhythm with “Coquette”: A Display of Rhythm and Passion

Miami, Florida | April 19, 2024| Gonza, the talent from Ap Global Music label, bursts onto the music scene with his new single “Coquette”. This release marks a new chapter in his career, offering a unique blend of urban rhythms with lyrics that navigate the complexity of modern relationships.

The depth and color of Gonza’s voice give “Coquette” an almost magnetic quality, turning the track into an auditory experience that transcends the conventional, with production by Jani and Zarrel La Z.

“With ‘Coquette’, I wanted to immerse my listeners in a story that we’ve all lived in some way. It’s an experience, an exploration of those moments filled with tension and desire. It’s my invitation to feel, to live the music as I feel it.” – Gonza.

The music video, a visual creation by Cotty and Justin Gómez, is an artistic representation of the song recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is not just an accompaniment to the music, but an immersion in a story told through images that evoke the essence of “Coquette”. With an aesthetic that captures the imagination, the video becomes the gateway to a world where fantasy and sensuality are the protagonists.

Enjoy “Coquette” today on your favorite digital platform.