Rafa Pabón just released a rap song about the harsh reality of being born in a rough enviroment or a low income home, and sometimes you have to turn to the streets to make ends meet.  “Bandido” is a collaboration with Gigolo and La Exce and produced by Wiso Rivera that takes on nostalgic reality that we can all relate to; everyday struggles and sacrifices you make in life. Life will beat you and leave scars, but you have to heal and grow a thick skin because at the end of the day you have to brush it off, and do it all over again tomorrow. Towards the end of the song Rafa Pabón makes a reference to Don Omar’s iconic song “Bandolero”, and it totally wraps into the message of “Bandido”, born in the hood but will make it no matter what.  “Bandido”  is streaming on YouTube and all music platforms.

“La vida la he apuñalado, pero han sanado mis cicatrice’
No nací bandido, bandido me hice
La necesidad me indujo, no fue porque quise
No nací bandido, bandido me hice”