Artists & composers Brray and Juanka become “first-time winners” for the prestigious 2021 ASCAP Award

A remix that took the reggaeton world by storm! Nio Garcia, Casper Magico and Flow La Movie’s “La Jeepeta Remix” became an instant worldwide hit and without a doubt propelled these talented artists to another level. Summing up to the many achievements for this successful remix is the 2021 ASCAP Award. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers gifts “La Jeepeta Remix” this prestigious award for writers Benny Benni, Brray, Flow La Movie, Nio Garcia, Juanka and Myke Towers. Receiving their first ever ASCAP Award are reggaeton artists and also composers of “La Jeepeta Remix” – Brray and Juanka. Amongst the publishers awarded for the remix are AH ENT Music Publishing, Sony Music Publishing, Warner Chappel, and others. Congratulations to Flow La Movie’s production and all the artists that participated in the creation of this iconic remix!