Music Producer Milo Beat Presents “Tu Partida” Performed by Joonti and Esteban Rojas

This Release Previews the Upcoming Album “Genesis”

Miami, Florida | March 29, 2024 | Music producer Milo Beat joins forces with the creative talents of young artist Joonti and acclaimed Colombian singer Esteban Rojas to unveil “Tu Partida”. This release not only marks a pivotal moment in Milo’s career as a producer but also serves as the gateway to “chapter 1” of “Genesis”, an album Milo Beat is meticulously crafting.

“Tu Partida” emerges not just as a musical piece but as an artistic statement, skillfully blending the power of an urban beat with the tenderness of a pop ballad. The collaboration between Joonti, known for his distinctive and emotional voice, and Esteban Rojas, who brings depth and passion, results in a perfect fusion that tells a poignant story of heartbreak.

From Milo Beat’s perspective, “Tu Partida” is more than a single; it represents the beginning of a musical journey that captures the essence of his forthcoming album “Genesis”. “This track signifies the start of something new and exciting for me as a producer. I’m eager to share ‘Genesis’ with the world and thankful for the support from my collaborators on this journey,” Milo explains.

The music video for “Tu Partida”, filmed in the vibrant city of Cali, Colombia, and directed by TripLife Juan David Velasco, captures the song’s essence with a visual narrative that enhances the auditory experience, plunging the viewer into a world of emotions and memories.

With “Tu Partida”, Milo Beat firmly establishes himself in the music scene as a visionary producer, capable of transcending genres and connecting with the audience through profound compositions and captivating melodies.

This single is now available on all digital platforms, inviting listeners to be part of this musical journey that marks the beginning of a new era in Milo Beat’s career as a producer.