Rafa Pabon’s “Ojitos Chiquititos” has undoubtedly become a sensation! Already nearing 2 million views on YouTube, this contagious song combines the originality of Rafa’s music style with legendary reggaeton artists Jowell y Randy bringing a unique fusion like no other to the reggaeton sound. Adding to the success of the song, Rafa Pabon along with Jowell y Randy took to Instagram and posted a fun video jamming to the song, dancing and singing as well as announcing to all fans worldwide the giveaway of $1k to the best choreography submitted for “Ojitos Chiquititos”. Posting Tik Tok videos of dancers submitting their choreographies, Rafa Pabon started the #OjitosChiquititosChallenge hashtag. To participate simply subscribe to Rafa Pabon’s YouTube Channel, post your video and tag Rafa Pabon, Jowell y Randy and include the challenge hashtag to be considered. If you haven’t watched the music video to “Ojitos Chiquititos” you can preview it here and stay tuned for more music news on Rafa Pabon.