Osman Breaks into the Regional Mexican Genre with “Cuando Me Ven Tomar”

Miami, Florida| May 31. 2022| In a bold move, Osman has released his latest single, “Cuando Me Ven Tomar,” marking his foray into the regional Mexican genre. This track masterfully blends elements of ranchera with urban melodies, representing a significant new chapter in his musical journey.

“Cuando Me Ven Tomar” is a poignant anthem of heartbreak, narrating the story of a man deeply mourning a lost love. Produced by JonyLams and co-written by Osman and Balbino, the song is notable for its authenticity and emotional resonance.

“I am thrilled to offer a different sound, proving to myself that there are no boundaries in art and music. I hope you enjoy it,” said Osman.

The single is released under the AP Global Music label and is now available on all digital platforms. Complementing the release is an evocative music video directed by Gabriell Graffer, shot in the vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia. The video captures the nostalgic essence and deep emotions of the song, providing a visual experience that enhances its heartfelt narrative.

Known for his versatility and talent, Osman showcases his ability to reinvent himself and explore new musical landscapes with “Cuando Me Ven Tomar.” This release not only broadens his repertoire but also cements his status as a significant figure in the music industry.