Venesti, Slow Mike, and Goyo Unveil Their New Single “Anestesia”

Miami, Florida | June 14.  2024 | AP Global Music is thrilled to announce the release of “Anestesia,” the latest single from the talented trio Venesti, Slow Mike, and Goyo. This collaboration, infused with a vibrant mix of urban sounds and Afrobeat, promises to captivate audiences with its energy and authenticity.

Venesti, Slow Mike, and Goyo are proud representatives of Colombia’s Pacific coast, renowned for their ability to capture and convey the essence of their culture through music. In “Anestesia,” these three artists have seamlessly blended their talents to create a truly unique track.

The song was a collaborative effort in composition, with production helmed by the acclaimed Slow Mike, who has brought his distinctive touch to the project.

The music video for “Anestesia” was shot in the bustling city of Medellín and directed by Janki Martínez. The video takes viewers on an introspective journey of healing and self-discovery, using a compelling life story as its narrative backbone. Each artist delivers a standout solo performance, highlighting their individual talents against a backdrop of deep emotional storytelling.

“Anestesia” not only showcases the rich musical heritage of Colombia’s Pacific region but also underscores the international relevance of its artists. With its infectious rhythms and profound lyrics, the song invites listeners to both reflect and dance.

The single is now available on all major digital platforms. Experience this musical masterpiece that is sure to win hearts and dominate dance floors.