DVILA and Joonti open Rauw Alejandro’s sold-out concert in New York

From left to right:  Puerto Rican singers Joonti and Dvila

Rising artists DVILA and Joonti fulfill one of their biggest dreams by performing live in front of thousands of people in New York City, opening a concert by urban super-star Rauw Alejandro, thanks to the implacable joint efforts of sister companies EMM (Elite Media & Marketing) and AP Global.

Both Puerto Ricans, but with very defined and completely different musical styles, DVILA and Joonti performed live at the emblematic Barclays Center in New York City. Invited by the urban music idol Rauw Alejandro to open this important sold-out concert, both artists had the opportunity to connect with a live audience that saw these two performers flourish on stage.

DVILA, urban’s genre newest promise, performed his songs “Layla”, “Quiero fingir” and “La hora”, the latter being the most popular to date with more than 1 million views on YouTube. And Joonti, an interpreter with an unparalleled and very original alternative style, performed his songs “Life”, “Luna”, “Mi nena” and “Cobarde”, his first song to exceed one million views on YouTube.

This union of talents was possible thanks to the execution of the sister companies EMM (Elite Media & Marketing) and AP Global. EMM is an award-winning company and one of the leading Latin Music concert producers in the world. On the other hand, AP Global is a specialist in brand-building, monetization platforms, business management, and live experiences.

The Barclays Center was just the first large auditorium to receive this pair of promising artists, who will surely continue to be successful in the near future.