Diving into one of the most anticipated releases and most talked about collaboration of the past years, Ozuna and Anuel AA premiered “Los Dioses” the documentary based on true life events showcasing these reggaeton artists in their true element expressing how their album came together. An insight into the artistic music creation for the album and the long standing “brotherhood” that binds these two superstars, this documentary gives us a more intimate look into each artist’s mindset and their unique approach towards achieving the success of this new project and continuing to surpass mutual goals within their careers.

Admiring each other’s body of work and cementing their timeless bond, we see Anuel and Ozuna open up to their public sharing personal Facetime calls, behind the scenes moments while at the studio and day-to-day conversations leading to the release of this epic joint album. Expressing their unconditional support for one another, Anuel AA and Ozuna are nothing short of grateful and blessed to share this music path, though acknowledging their amicable “rivalry” in the media as the artists they are, they make sure to clear the air stating that this doesn’t take away the love and respect they hold for each other in both good and bad times. Making a mark in the Latin reggaeton world now as “The Gods”, Ozuna and Anuel’s continuos achievements keep raising the bar for those in the music game. You can watch the first part of “Los Dioses” the documentary via YouTube and stay tuned for the official album release on January 22nd.