Rafa Pabön Welcomes 2021 with Bittersweet Music Video “Mía”

“Y sigue siendo “Mía”, aunque no sea de ella”

Rafa Pabön’s  ultimate gift to welcome the new year 2021 was the video release of his heart-wrenching ballad “Mía”. This isn’t your typical heart-break song, but rather a poetic melody of when you are thru with a person, and they want back into your life. Rafa Pabön articulates those emotions into this song perfectly, being drama – free, determined to make up lost time, and calling quits on emotions if an ex love rings your phone. Even if it stings a bit.

No venga’ a joder, no me venga’ a buscar
No me va’ a encontrar, no voy a contestar
Aunque duele, estoy mejor sin ti
Me voy a fumar, me voy a janguear
A nombre tuyo me vo’a embriagar

In the music video, Rafa Pabön wonders thru beautiful scenery, a forrest with white sand, a field with beautiful flowers, then the cool DMC DeLorean pulls up (back to the future car). A metaphor to being back at place where he’s already been, hence the car; and a “The Girl” seducing him throughout.  On a particular scene the model is completely nude, it’s the only scene where the Rafa Pabön is not in, a visual that he wont fall back in; the been there done that of the story and on to the next.

Check out the music video for “Mía” now on Youtube and Streaming platforms.