Rafa Pabón’s Exclusive Interview For LaMusica APP

Unconfined in his approach to music and with the belief of letting “music be music”, Rafa Pabón sits with La Musica for an exclusive interview sharing details on his recent collaboration with Jowell y Randy, the music styles that we will hear in the coming year and the role that reggaeton plays in music industry. On his latest single, Rafa expressed “Ojitos Chiquititos has the essence of reggaeton and it’s what the public has been asking for”. Happy to have shared the collaboration with admirable colleagues and reggaeton’s legendary duo Jowell y Randy, Rafa described how for so long they were there for him as a helping hand during his early stages and therefore a collaboration was always in store to happen one day. Satisfied with his fans reaction and comments to the hit single, Rafa Pabón went on to describe his take on music and that he believes reggaeton is not dead and is here to stay even if nowadays it’s evolved and mixed into other genres like Pop, Salsa and others.

He continued, “Music shouldn’t be “classified”, I believe we should let music just be music without the need to divide it into genres”. Maintaining his originality with his musical style and keeping a balance with what his public wants to hear, Rafa Pabón’s take on music has distinctively made him an “unclassified” artist who’s sole mission and passion is to simply create amazing music with 0 limits. The year 2022 has great surprises in store, sharing in the interview that he will be bringing new and fresh sounds to his repertoire showing us a different side of himself we have yet to see. You can watch the full interview on La Musica’s website and see the preview below. Stream “Ojitos Chiquititos” on all digital platforms and you watch the official music video on Rafa Pabón’s YouTube Channel.