“Travesuras Remix” has taken the reggaeton world by storm and with its success reaching #1 and topping many charts Worldwide, came along video reactions to this epic collaboration now turned MEGA remix! Molusco TV took to his YouTube channel with colleagues for his segment #ElPalabreo including Mario Vi and El Coyote to dissect the music video and overall song by the “hit-making” duo Nio Garcia and Casper Magico. Among the many details shared, Mario Vi stated that the production of Flow La Movie has truly been amazing, considering that with #TravesurasRemix he has to date 3 very successful remixes which include “Te Bote Remix” and “La Jeepeta Remix” and should be a runner up for a nomination and prize. Using the words “Gasolina PREMIUM” (premium gasoline) to describe this track, the overall reaction to the song was a “10 out of 10” with all producers and Molusco agreeing that the song production and the song itself is a new and refreshing take on Hector El Father’s classic 2004 reggaeton hit “Noche De Travesura”

Check out below other video reactions including Maiky Backstage and El Coreano Loco on “Travesuras Remix” and stay tuned for more music news on Nio Garcia and Casper Magico.