Jay Wheeler’s English Album Release in 2021

Taking to his Twitter account, Jay Wheeler surprised his fans with an English tweet sharing “I’m finishing my English album for you guys”. This is another transitional moment for Jay Wheeler who has had an amazing 2020 and is now moving into other creative projects like a rendition of his musical style in an all English project. Though there hasn’t been much else said about the English album, Rapeton released a brief video featuring Becky G and Jay Wheeler chatting it up backstage at the shooting of “La Curiosidad” Remixes and discussing a little on the up and coming album and their creative writing methods. At one point you can hear Jay Wheeler say (speaking in English) that for him the album is more of a “personal goal” that he has wanted to accomplish in his career. Watch the video below and stay tuned for next year as Jay Wheeler continues to amaze us with his incredible talent now entering the English market.