Reggaeton artists with their unstoppable success have not just revolutionized the latin music industry with hypnotic and addictive music but have also made fashion statements through originality in style and especially when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry pieces. Luxury watches are one of those most sought out and “collectible” accessories for some of these latin artists. From Richard Mille to Patek Philippe and the classic Rolex below we bring you some latin artists preferred luxury watch brands:


Paving the way for many artists of the “new” reggaeton music generation, Ozuna has always stood out for not just his musical success but also his fashionable style becoming a trendsetting artist. Along with his wardrobe, Ozuna’s versatile jewelry and watch collection include custom-made jewelry chains inspired by his past albums (Aura and Nibiru) and luxury watch brands from Patek Philippe to Rolex. One of his most favorite watch brands is Richard Mille as he is also known for collecting “rare” and expensive watches of the kind. As he continues to expand his collection, we can surely expect Ozuna to share with us many more luxury watches to come.


Collaborating on an epic collection with Swiss watch brand Hublot, the manufacturer launched the “Big Bang Meca-10 Nicky Jam” collection during Art Basel in Miami. What started off as Nicky Jam as an ambassador for the brand resulted in the creation of a 3-piece variation of exclusive watches. One of the watches seen here includes the artists’ “NJ” initials showing at the 12 o’clock, gold plated and in the skeletonized style with Nicky’s hand-written signature on the back. A successful partnership with Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot, who’s to say Nicky Jam wouldn’t surprise us in the near future with the release of his own watch brand? 


It’s no mystery that reggaeton artist Anuel AA is a big fan of surprising us with his unique custom-made jewelry ranging from the bust piece made to his likeness by jeweler Tito “King” and luxury collectible watches. Some of his favorite brands include Richard Mille, Patek and Rolex. Here we see him sporting a “Rainbow” Cosmograph Daytona Rolex set with baguette cut diamonds and sapphires. As an homage to their friendship, Anuel AA and fellow colleague Ozuna decided to purchase this Rolex watch the same day showing their appreciation for each other’s friendship but also their mutual love for collecting timeless watches.